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Now is the most exciting, controversial and uncertain time when it comes to future working as an Assistant. Corona has taught us you can get work done all over the world these days. As easy as it sounds, it turns out to be quite challenging in the assistant area and with some bosses.

Our mission is a modern, agile collaboration at eye level between boss and assistant, regardless of time and place.

Our goal is to provide a unique platform especially for assistants who want to grow! We provide enormous Know-how, valuable contacts and access to international jobs.

Your benefits are:

  • Access to a global and diverse assistants network
  • Regular sessions with interesting topics & Guest Speakers
  • Access to Jobs, Projects and Know-how

If you can answer most of the following questions with “YES” you should continue with your registration:

  • You are a passionate assistant
  • You love organizational challenges
  • No matter what – you make the impossible happen
  • You are interested in personal growth and development
  • Your job feels most of the time like “paid vacation”



To become a TAIN influencer

  • Identify completely with TAIN Mission & Goal
  • Fill out the registration form for evaluation
  • Be an influencer and support actively to shape the future of top assistants in the global environment

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