PLU Top Assistant GmbH has launched a long-overdue initiative. We present the Global Top Assistant Influencer Network, or TAIN for short. Unbelievable but true: TAIN is the first network that connects assistants around the globe!

Know-how & Contacts

Since starting my company two decades ago, PLU has developed thanx to my fantastic team into a market leader in the demanding field of top assistant services. Along the way, we have also impressed with our know-how and a vast network of valuable contacts. The fact that pioneers of the first hour are still on board today proves how well this works. Another indication is our clients (the "who's who" of international business) who have remained loyal to us since the beginning.

Exchange & Business opportunities

With TAIN, we are now taking the next logical step in transporting excellent assistance work across any national borders. TAIN connects and shares competence, spirit, and innovations. More than 20 years of experience as a market leader in top assistant services, training, and coaching have been invested in this platform's development.

All of this has gone into the development of #TAIN, and these are the results:

TAIN is a global network of like-minded people who share a passion for the profession of a top assistant and the modern work of today and tomorrow.

  1. Simple, uncomplicated, online
  2. Non-binding, no membership or fee
  3. Regular online inspiration evenings for #connecting and #exchanging
  4. We offer regular specialized #know-how in the form of affordable webinars.
  5. Direct access/contact to guest speakers
  6. Connection to members around the globe

Hello & Welcome

It's a journey - we invite you to join us as we speak the same language!

Don´t hesitate! Just be #bold, be #yourself and #enjoy

And: We are not taking this journey alone. TAIN has two strong cooperation partners: IF-Blueprint AG for state of the art technique & tools around Office 365 and COURAGE, the specialist magazine for women and finance.

How does all of that sound to you?

We invite you to join us on this journey to the future and use TAIN as a navigation tool for efficient and innovative business organization for today and tomorrow. Since we operate internationally, the language is, logically, #English.

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Christine & TAIN Team

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