New Work Coaching for Executives and Assistants

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Is there always more to do and it feels like there is less and less staff available? Are the management and team overwhelmed with work and the day simply doesn't have enough hours? Do you want to operate as a winning team, trustfully, focused, and efficiently, virtually and independent of location and time? No matter where you currently stand, whether you are already proficiently connected in the Microsoft 365 world or in the implementation phase, we will show you how it's done.

The boss and assistant become sparring partners in digital collaboration and leverage their interface and role model function to successfully roll out the cultural change across the organization.

Welcome to the New Work world: We are here to help you!

Over the past years, we have successfully tackled this challenge with numerous renowned companies and demanding teams. We have identified countless best practices, tools, and techniques that will assist you in taking the next steps towards BACKOFFICE 4.0!

Get ready, here we go! Seize the moment with us!

In this individual coaching program, you not only benefit from our specialized know-how, but we have strong IT partners on board to provide holistic support.

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Do you have questions about New Work and the role of the future assistant?

Do you want to actively shape your development with our help instead of waiting to be replaced by Alexa?

We are happy to advise you! Call now or book an online consultation directly:

We coach you as a team or initially focus on developing you as a Top Assistant to become ambassadors and experts in digital collaboration for your organization!

The program starts with an assessment to evaluate your current situation. Then, we create a customized training plan for you, including coaching sessions, workshops, and IT consulting.

Your training plan may include the following:

  • Agile collaboration, leadership, and project management
  • Techniques and exercises for successful team meetings, whether virtual or in-person
  • App selection and usage guidance: We introduce you to Planner, Teams, and other relevant tools and show you how to leverage them for executive support and efficient teamwork
  • Information and email management, meeting preparation and follow-up, modern protocol management, and more in Office 365

We meet you where you are and together we pave the way to the Backoffice 4.0! We take into account your specific circumstances, IT infrastructure, and individual personalities.

Book a consultation appointment effortlessly using Bookings or simply give us a call. We look forward to our conversation!

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