Christine Walker

Entrepreneur, board member, business coach, author

"THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and just do things differently or THE WAY YOU LIKE IT. Usually you not only enjoy this way of working but you are also quite successful."
Christine Walker

And if on some occasion this does not work, well...

"It's not the success that brings us forward, but the disasters".
Coco Chanel

When meeting Christine in sports or salsa dancing in the evenings, one would not immediately expect that the mother of two children has built-up and successfully leads a company with 30 employees and has become a market leader. She actively coaches executives in terms of efficiency, furthers talents, globally connects the best top assistants, assists in career planning, has written a book titled "Free time for managers!" and is engaged as Board Member. All of this is only possible with a great team, effective communication, a bit of improvisation, stress management and a touch of humor.

She shares the ingredients to this recipe for success through informative and entertaining presentations, as well as individual coaching sessions, worldwide, on land and at sea, in person and virtually.


How do I tick? How do you tick? How do I recognize thought patterns, understand behaviors, and reactions? How do I persuade through nonverbal communication, such as body language, tone of voice, and speaking style?

Learn more about thinking types, the 4-color model by Max Lüscher, and the 4-ears model by Prof. Friedemann Schulz von Thun. You will receive tips on how to make "communicating with each other" easier and how to better understand non-verbal signals. Learn to interpret body language and facial expressions and immerse yourself in the magic of "silent" messages.

Duration: 90 minutes (including interactive exercises and Q&A session)

Why do we sometimes argue over trivial matters and "hear what you don't say"? Why do we often find it difficult to bring a sense of lightness to challenging situations and resolve conflicts? What role does "high status" and "low status" play, and how can we recognize them?

In this enlightening presentation, you will learn how to resolve conflicts with a touch of wit and the art of improvisation, enabling you to navigate daily life with even more grace.

Can you say "no" without feeling guilty and convincingly prioritize your own needs? Do you usually do what you truly want, or is perfectionism and the "helper syndrome" your constant companions? After this presentation, it will be time to put an end to that. Learn how to say "no" in a friendly and convincing manner. Discover how to confidently navigate through life with an upright posture and positive body language. It's time to step into the spotlight. Shyness is a thing of the past!

This presentation is a summary of the first three presentations, packed with top tips and tricks "to go"! It includes exciting additional modules on the topics of "Elevator Pitch" and "Modern Work!"

In just 45 minutes, you will gain the essential knowledge about the 4-color model, improvisation techniques, and the art of confidently saying "yes AND" or "no" when necessary. Discover the use of modern tools and techniques, the power of words, and why "every step conveys a message!"

Whether you're interested in enhancing your communication skills, mastering the art of improvisation, or learning about effective modern work strategies, there's something for everyone in this presentation. So, don't miss out!

Join us and get the key insights you need in just 45 minutes.

Christine Walker


Career Highlights and Qualifications

Since 2007
PLU Top Assistant & PLU Campus GmbH, Founder & Managing Director 

2004 – 2007
Self Employed: Interim-/ Assistance, Training, Coaching

2003 – 2004
ACCENTURE PMO-/Project Assistance

2000 – 2003
Arthur D. Little GmbH, München, GF-Assistance

1997 – 2000
Sheraton Macuto Resort, Caracas, Venezuela, Guest Relationship Mgr.

1996 – 1997
Island Princess, Princess Cruises, JAP

1999 Studies in Sales-/Marketing, Cornell University, NewYork
1996 Hotel Specialist, IHK Park Hilton München
1993 Abitur, Markgröningen

  • Consulting / IT / Banks / Automotive / Energy
  • Hotel, Event & Tourism
  • Service / Cruise/ Ships Professional/ Social Competence 
  • Company Structure and Management 
  • Knowledge Transfer & Communication
  • Infotainment & Edutainment
  • Sales & Strategic Marketing
  • Appearance, Attitude & Effect
  • Corporate Culture & Organization

  • Supervisory Board at IF-Blueprint AG 
  • Healthy Employer
  • Employer of the Future
  • Top Medium Sized Employers (FOCUS)
  • Business Prize: Innovation Award 2018, the German Economy
  • Certified Gold Speaker, Hermann Scherer Academy
  • Certified in Method Acting, Lee Strasberg Institut, New York City
  • Working Mom of the Year 2018
  • Change Award 2016
  • Ambassador UN Agenda 2030 (5|17), Gender Equality and Equal Rights
  • Mentoring at Startup Teens

  • Founding and development of her own company in the field of adult education and services
  • Author of the book " Days off on the Executive Floor" Redline Publishers 
  • PLU Top Assistant & Campus GmbH
    Increasing efficiency and expanding knowledge through the development and introduction of an Educational System based on performance diagnostics including: 
    • Certification agile employee mentoring/skills development program 
    • Measurable SCRUM based project quality/ KPI/ Controlling systems 
    • Values/Vision & Mission Services oriented training concept
  • Business & Personal Coaching
    Well known personalities from politics, business, and sports on the subject of communication, agile work, and corporate culture, advance through knowledge
  • Infotainment & Edutainment
    World wide on land and sea. Core topics include: Communication, motivation, service excellence and corporate culture

German: Mother tongue

English: Fluent in word and writing

Spanish: Fluent in word and writing

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