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Training schedule with certification

The Top-Assistant Academy - Know-how makes the difference. Tailor-made trainings for assistants (beginners/advanced/professionals).

As part of a highly specialized assessment, we identify high-potential individuals for our in-house Talent Forge. There, the talents undergo a performance diagnostics-based training program. The training, inspired by sports performance, takes place at different levels and in various disciplines. The content is delivered through a mix of on-site seminars and virtual training sessions.

Our Talent Forge prepares individuals for top-level support: We manage the offices of renowned entrepreneurs, DAX executives, and international mega-project PMOs. Even young professionals and aspiring individuals with potential can reach this top level within a few weeks through our Talent Forge.


Being a Top Assistant is not a matter of chance! Tangible relief is not an unattainable goal but can be achieved within a few weeks. This is demonstrated in practice and supported by PLU studies. It's the leap to a high-speed office and enhanced support for executives.


Through targeted technology and exercise sessions, coupled with interval training, efficiency and performance increase significantly in just a few weeks. The resulting free time is utilized for acquiring and developing additional skills, particularly in building personal and specific expertise.


  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Professional+
  • Expert*** (Certification level)


  • General foundational skills
  • Back-office/project management
  • Competence/stress management
  • Communication and delegation
  • Collaboration between executive and assistant
  • Personal development

All training disciplines are immediately and situationally incorporated into daily business operations, providing real added value.

The training program takes place approximately four times a year at the PLU Campus in Munich.

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External participants are also welcome to attend, either the entire training program or individual modules. Certification can be obtained upon successful completion of the final exam.

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