Winning Team Coaching

Backoffice Coaching Manager & Assistant

60-hour workweek? Constantly chasing deadlines? Email overload, numerous Teams channels, and information overflow through various channels? That ends now. The individual process and time analysis hits the mark: It systematically identifies time reserves for the manager, assistant, and back-office structures.

Subsequently, proposals for quick wins are developed, and an action plan is presented to achieve sustainable time gains.

Our method works - From identifying time wasters to creating a winning team of the manager and assistant.

Discover your time wasters! Mobilize your performance reserves!

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It takes two to tango!

Winning Team Coaching For Boss and Assistant

Based on the previous analysis results and back-office optimization, an individual workshop will be conducted to identify the success factors for further collaboration between the boss, assistant, and relevant stakeholders.

  • Effective delegation through communication!
  • Coordination of delegation
  • The pit stop "Fixed Day"

After completing this unique and highly specialized program, which includes analysis, back-office optimization, and individual Winning Team Coaching, your life will change as you finally find room to breathe. Gain more time for innovative and strategic topics, and above all, enjoy more personal freedom and a higher quality of life.

Trust your team and ride the wave together! Delegate responsibility! Let go!

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Christine Walker