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At PLU we offer professional consulting services to support individuals and organizations in their development and growth. Our team of experts specialize in helping you overcome your challenges, maximize your potential, set goals and achieve them. 

Whether you need support with personal development, career planning or improving specific skills as an assistant, we offer customized solutions to meet your needs.

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Christine Walker

Speaker & Coach

Christine Walker is the founder and managing director of PLU Top Assistant and PLU Campus GmbH, where she primarily oversees the areas of strategy, marketing, and sales. As a member of the supervisory board at IF Blueprint AG, she focuses on corporate culture and organization.

As a coach, Christine supports clients in the realm of "Efficient Communication," helping improve mutual understanding and better relationships through the application of Max Lüscher's 4-Color Model. Her expertise also extends to topics such as setting priorities and boundaries through the power of saying "no," stress management, and improvisation in organizational studies using techniques from the renowned Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC.

Privately, Christine resides in Munich. She has a passion for sports, travel, the sea, and sunshine. In her role as a lecturer on regional knowledge and infotainment, she regularly travels on TUI Cruise's "Mein Schiff" and AIDA cruise ships. She spends her vacations with her children in her second home, Spain's Costa del Sol.

Born in Zurich and completing her Abitur (secondary school diploma) in Baden-Württemberg, Christine pursued her education in Munich before venturing out into the wide world. She worked as a junior assistant purser on the Island Princess, traveling nearly all around the globe. Following that, she spent almost three years in Caracas, Venezuela, as a guest relations manager for Starwood Hotels. Eventually, she returned to Munich and, after three years as an executive assistant at Arthur D. Little, took the leap into self-employment. The rest, as they say, is history recorded in the PLU company's story.

Christine Walker


Susanna Castillo

Business & Career Coach

Susanna Castillo is the managing director of PLU Top Assistant GmbH and is particularly responsible for the CONTRACT & PERM department. As a business coach, she supports clients in the areas of New Work, agile collaboration, process optimization, personnel development, and change management.

Susanna has firsthand knowledge of the path from being an assistant to becoming a managing director, as she has successfully traversed this journey herself and shares her expertise through career coaching.

After completing her training as a foreign language correspondent in Würzburg, Susanna moved directly to Munich in 2008 to join PLU. There, she learned the business from the ground up and played a pivotal role in the early stages of the small startup.

In her personal life, Susanna enjoys spending time outdoors with her family (husband, daughter, and dog) in Munich, Spain, Greece, and with Grandma Elke.

Susanna Castillo

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Paul Große

Technique & Finance Coach

Paul Große is a managing director and manager responsible for the Finance, IT & Controlling department at PLU. As a coach, he supports clients in the efficient and practical use of technology and tools, particularly Office365, as well as in the systematization and standardization of the entire back-office organization. He provides individual coaching as well as participating in cross-company rollouts.

After successfully completing his studies in Business Psychology with a focus on Controlling and Organizational psychology and Management Consulting, Paul started as a Project Assistant at PLU in 2014. During this time, he gained extensive experience in project management offices (PMOs) for large IT projects, in addition to interim assignments at a renowned law firm and tax consultancy. Later, he took on projects focused on establishing PMO offices.

Since the beginning, Paul has been conducting MS365 trainings for PLU's in-house talent development program as well as for customer projects. In 2016, he gradually took over the Finance & Controlling department at PLU, while pursuing a part-time Master's degree in IT management.

Since 2017, Paul has been working as a member of PLU's management team, handling all controlling and financial matters, overseeing the IT department, and engaging in a wide range of coaching and training projects for various clients throughout Germany.

In 2020, as part of internal restructuring at PLU, Paul was granted procuration in his role as a business manager, and he became a member of the PLU Group's management board.

Privately, Paul is a "Super Daddy," and enjoys playing football. He is one of the main organizers of most (PLU) parties, where he usually stays until the end!

His motto: "Work hard!"

Paul offers training and coaching on various MS Office applications, including the following open courses:

Power-Training Microsoft 365 | Munich

Microsoft 365 for Breakfast | online

Manuela Kiesling

Business & Self Marketing Coach

Manuela Kiesling is a procurator at PLU Top Assistant GmbH and is primarily responsible for the CONTRACT & PERM department. As an IHK certified trainer, she oversees the internal "Office Clerk" apprentices. As a business and self-marketing coach, Manuela supports clients and candidates in the areas of self-marketing, self-worth, charisma, and motivation.

Being one of the pioneers at PLU since almost the beginning, Manuela knows exactly how to move from the "second row" to the "first row" and shares this knowledge with great passion.

After completing her training as a hotel specialist at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich, Manuela joined PLU shortly thereafter, where she learned the business from the ground up. Today, together with Susanna, Marianne, Isabel, and Christine, she combines proven practices with new improvements.

In her personal life, Manuela enjoys spending time on fitness activities and with her family which includes three children, in Munich and in the mountains. When things get hectic, Grandma Ilona always jumps in to help.

Manuela Kiesling


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