Microsoft Teams Training for Everyone

Creating Awareness for Cultural Change

Do you aim to effortlessly link up with the Microsoft 365 universe? Are you in the introductory phase for Microsoft Teams and more? We are happy to assist you in getting started and show you how it's done!

We offer comprehensive training that deliberately combines knowledge and practice. We focus on practical examples and use storytelling to make knowledge transfer engaging and illustrative. Together, we work to create an awareness of the necessary cultural change within your company.

Our goal is not only to introduce new tools and working methods but also to inspire enthusiasm for them.

Our role is to aid the team in orchestrating the change effectively and optimizing the advantages of the new possibilities.

Our training programs bridge the gap, filling the knowledge voids for both beginners and advanced users. In doing so, we neither lose people due to boredom nor overwhelm.
Paul Grosse
Microsoft Teams Trainings for Everyone
From practice for practice

Training Contents: 

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, our hands-on training ensures that everyone takes valuable know-how with them into their daily routines!

For instance, getting to know Teams as a modern work tool, reducing inhibitions, and supporting modern work practices.

In addition to conducting the training, we are also happy to assist in setting up a moderated team space with Q&A sessions and training handouts.

Upon request, we can provide a moderated community for key users, influencers, and those interested.

Creating awareness for cultural change

Transferring core knowledge

Our primary goal is to ignite enthusiasm for the new technologies and ways of working. Our method:
  • Training through the deliberate integration of knowledge and practice
  • Knowledge transfer through practical examples and storytelling
  • Sharing fundamentals, best practices, and tips & tricks
  • Motivation for self-directed 'continual learning' or 'help for self-help'

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From practical experience for practical use

Training format

  • live/hybrid/online
  • Learning nuggets or half-day/full-day training
  • Small training groups with a workshop atmosphere
  • Interactive training with application examples
  • Modular training structure:
    Training sessions are tailored to participants' needs

Every module is delivered with a duration of 60 minutes, incorporating practical case studies.

Additional interactions are worthwhile – it's best to book 90 minutes straight away!

Exploring Teams as a contemporary work tool: we eliminate inhibitions and demonstrate the potential for modern work.

Teams Basics

Essentials for Beginners

We provide an overview of Teams and its integration into the M365 world:

  • Custom settings in Teams
  • Privacy and data protection in Teams
  • Various chat features (e.g., Loop components)
  • Efficient use of (group) chats for enhanced communication
  • Basic functions of Teams rooms
  • Teams & Outlook"

Our Teams training sessions can be easily combined with many other training offerings.

Teams Advanced

Strengthening Use Case Understanding

These training sessions are tailored for users: In contemporary work environments, the efficient utilization of team spaces and channels is vital for fostering successful collaboration. These tools offer the means to structure and enhance team communication and cooperation. ▾

  • Effective use of teams spaces and channels
  • File management - risks and potentials
  • Optional: synchronization of Teams with OneDrive
  • Task planning via Teams
  • Knowledge management via Teams
  • Remote collaboration and hybrid working via Teams
  • Communication rules in Teams
  • Collaboration with external partners

We would like to recommend the following content to you:

  • OneDrive → more than just online storage.
  • Basic functions SharePoint
  • Forms
  • Additional M365 apps

Team training for owners of Teams spaces.

There are various aspects to keep in mind when managing Teams rooms and channels. In this session, we offer moderation tools and tips and tricks to empower users in establishing a productive and enjoyable working environment ▾

  • Raise awareness of the responsibility as a Teams room owner
  • Promote moderation skills
  • Team settings
  • Admin functions on the Teams SharePoint
  • Feel responsible for adhering to netiquette
  • Take over the moderation of the associated Teams channels
  • Promote self-help support → Deployment of users as multipliers.

Any more questions?

We are pleased to offer advice over the phone or in a Teams conversation

The Teams trainings can be enhanced with numerous modules from our package, leading you toward the 'Highspeed Office.' Have you already discovered our open seminars?

You can also combine these trainings with our on-site offering in Munich: e. g. the Power Training Microsoft 365 Workshop. Or would you prefer a virtual experience? During our Early Bird Training Week, you can kickstart your day with a serving of Microsoft 365 know-how!

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