5 power sessions of Microsoft 365 over breakfast | online

Start your day with 1.5 hours that will propel you forward and keep you motivated!

After this training day, you will no longer feel overwhelmed by the many Microsoft 365 tools and features. Instead, you will be able to skillfully use these tools for your challenges and virtual collaboration.

Your boss, colleagues, and yourself will be amazed at what you can do and how much easier you will manage your email overload, action tracking, and your "pit stop" aka. regular meetings with the right shortcuts. Become an expert in digital collaboration with us!

Structure your everyday life with OneNote and Microsoft 365 and learn how to better support your bosses.

The best part: All our courses are "From practice - for practice." This means you will learn best practices that have already been successfully applied by over 2,000 trained assistants. The success of our well-tested modules in this 1-day power training lies in their immediate implementation in daily business.

The number of participants is limited to 5 people to ensure the maximum individual benefit. We also offer the training in an agile online format.


Participation fee:
Per person € 450.00
plus VAT and fees

including participant certificate

Your step towards more efficiency!

Program | 5 Sessions | Mon - Fri | 8:00 - 9:00 AM

We adapt the content during the training to meet the needs of the group:
Followed by 30 minutes of networking and best practice sharing.



Digital Workplace | Daily Overview

Calendar & Emails | Outlook and TEAMS

  • Setting up your digital workspace
  • Tips and tricks for your daily routine


Pit stop with the Boss | OneNote, To Do, and Planner

  • Systems and exercises for successful Jour-Fix, whether virtual or in-person
  • Digital self/manager organization using integrated Microsoft 365 apps


Microsoft 365 | Exel

  • Get excited about Excel!
  • Whether it's data validation or basic calculations, cell linking or result lists, this training will take you further! Learn how to easily find duplicates in data or create templates for Excel lists. Using formulas and/or basic arithmetic won't be a mystery anymore.


Microsoft 365 | PowerPoint

  • Discover unknown foundations in PowerPoint!
  • Whether it's rebuilding slides or merging content, this training will teach you the essential tips and tricks to perform with confidence.


Office 365 | Word

  • This training will be a complete (time) gain!
  • Whether you want to neglect the mouse in Word or quickly find other people's changes, all your questions will be answered here.

Digital Workplace | Daily Recap

Exclusively tailored classic in-house training, available throughout Europe, also available in English. Price available upon request.